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September 14, 2010

CAFCASS’s Response to Increased Demand for its Services. Uncorrected transcript of Evidence to the Public Accounts Committee 7th September 2010.

Q49 Joseph Johnson: Okay, I just wanted to address some questions of governance within CAFCASS and the Department for Education. In the private sector, this litany of failure against key performance indicators and the general underperformance of CAFCASS would have led to management change. Mr Douglas has been in the post since 2004, during which time you’ve been paid, as Stephen mentioned a second ago, some pretty substantial sums by any standard: £168,000 salary, including performance pay in 2008-09; £157,000 in 2009-10; and you have accrued a bonus pot of £1.7 million, if this is correct-CETV, cash equivalent and transferable value. I think that is the bonus pot-pension pot-that you’ve accrued. Those are pretty chunky numbers. I support exceptional pay for exceptional performance, but, in your words, would you say that you have delivered exceptional performance to warrant that level of pay?

Anthony Douglas: I would, relative to the salaries for directors of children’s services, chief executives, in my line of work.

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