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What’s New Pussycat?

September 9, 2010

I return from my break as the fag end of summer is ground beneath the heel of advancing autumnal gloom and winter drawers on, as the late and greatly lamented Humphrey Lyttelton might have said. So, what’s new on the social work scene? Answer – not a lot and certainly not much that’s good.

The consultation about the College of Social Work is to conclude on 10th September – yes – that’s tomorrow. So fill in your online form pronto if you want to contribute.

Disgruntled solicitors who lost out in the shambles of the Legal Services Commission process for awarding Family Law contracts are threatening to take the LSC to court in Judicial Review. Hat tip Pink Tape.

BASW’s Hilton Dawson has told the Home Affairs Select Committee that the proposed non-EU immigration cap should not be applied to social work. In many other occupations the workers protest at or even go on strike about employers filling vacancies with migrant workers instead of offering native workers higher pay. I may return to this topic because of Hilton Dawson’s very interesting, but debatable statement about social work being an “international profession”.

Independent social workers, via BASW and NAGALRO, have decided (unlike the lawyers) not to attempt Judicial Review of the LSC’s irrational decision to slash their fee rates by at least half. But they have seen the implementation of this swinging cut put off by a whole month (whoopee) from 15th Oct to 15th Nov. Insteed of going for a JR members of NAGALRO, BASW et al have decided to write pathetic pleading letters to their various MPs. Fat lot of good that will do.

No, not much good news around unless you enjoy the sight of social workers imitating door mats.

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