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Nest of Vipers

September 9, 2010

Benighted CAFCASS has been accused by the doomed GSCC of  putting “a dishonest spin on the scale of the problems it faced“. This is about a Cafcass employee saying what he thought about the dreadful Cafcass (which was much the same as everybody else thinks) in a private discussion group only to find himself reported to the GSCC for breaching the code of conduct. Amazingly, and with a highly unusual burst of forthrightness, the GSCC dismissed the complaint and the social worker was reinstated. CAFCASS CEO, Anthony Douglas is quoted as saying (presumable through gritted teeth) “We are concerned about some aspects of the GSCC process but Charles carries out valuable work for us … “. If you’ve got any sense Charles, that won’t be for much longer. The full report of the GSCC hearing is here.

Meanwhile Pink Tape reports that CAFCASS is attempting to impose some sort of code of omerta on its employees by telling they must not send their individual responses to the Family Justice Review despite the Review specifically inviting responses from individual professionals.

What is it with social work organisations? I thought they were all so overwhelmed with referrals that they would have no time for these sort of silly (and very nasty) games. A very old friend of mine (where are you now Giles?) left local authority social work to work for a voluntary organisation. I said to him how good it must be to be free of all the usual LA politics. “No way” he said, “it’s just a different nest of vipers”.

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  1. Charles Place permalink
    September 15, 2010 3:16 am

    Well thanks for the advice. I’m open to offers. Anything (reasonably) legal considered. Charles Place

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