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July 27, 2010

Pink Tape picked up on a typical piece of legal / wodehousian humour. Apparently Sir Nicholas Mostyn is a keen farmer as well as being a top divorce lawyer, and now a judge. A sow of his gave birth to seven little piglets and he named them after high court judge Mr Justice Munby. The seven piglets are named: James, Munby, Self-regarding, Pompous, Publicity, Seeking, and Pillock.

May I invite my reader(s?) to imagine naming a sibling group of piglets after a leading social work (or even political) figure. For Instance, Thomas (call me Tom) Proudie, Children’s Service Director of Barchester might inspire the following names:- Thomas, Proudie, Vain, Hen-Pecked, Coward, Dissembler and Hypocrite.

Pick your victim and name those piglets. Go on, you know you want to. Responses can be posted as comments by ‘anon’ or some other pseudonym if you fear your victim lacks a sense of humour.

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