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Five Star Care

June 30, 2010

Martin Narey the Chief Executive of Barnardos, who is never shy about making controversial remarks, now says lots more kids should be removed from their neglectful parents at younger ages, put into care, kept in care longer and more of them should be in residential care rather than foster homes. This is based on a report from Demos commissioned by Barnardos. Demos say of their review of the literature that: “This demonstrates that if care is used earlier and more effectively it becomes a means of real cost avoidance.”

Barnardos, used to run many Children’s Homes and Orphanages but they were all closed by the 1970s and now Barnardos are completely out of the residential care business. Are they planning to get back into it? Barnardos were also involved up to 1967 in the business of exporting children from poor families to Australia and Canada which I suppose was early intervention of a sort and, like the present proposals said to offer the children a better life as well as being a means of future  ‘cost avoidance’. Gordon Brown apologised about all this in February 2010 and soon afterwards so did Mr Narey, on behalf of Barnardos.

Mr Narey and Demos say the quality of state care should be better and who could argue with that but how to achieve that elusive aim?  As for more care being in Children’s Homes I presume that neither Demos or Mr Narey have been in a Children’s Home recently. On my last visit to a Children’s Home I was locked into the office for “your own protection” because some sort of riot seemed to be taking place. Once I got out of custody it became very clear that the staff had no influence whatever over the children who were having a great time sending the staff wild while grinning at me, the audience, to show it was all a game.

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  1. June 30, 2010 9:38 pm

    The Aussie PM apologised too just before the British PM since so many here are affected by being The Forgotten Australians.No longer forgotten.
    A good imaginative care system could be possible and it could work,Sure as hell beats adoption or bad fostering.At least kids get to keep their identities an dnames.

  2. Brick permalink*
    July 1, 2010 8:37 am

    Any ideas about what a “good imaginative care system” would consist of and how to set it up?

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