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How the other 0.001% live

June 21, 2010

Having risen early the other day I surfed the internet, as one does, and came across news of some fabulous lives. These people are neither social workers nor their clients but I find them quite fascinating in a vaguely nauseating way. I came first to Conrad Black, you remember, Conrad Moffat Black, Baron Black of Crossharbour, who used to own the Telegraph. Yes, that Conrad. From his current residence at Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Florida he writes about the prison system in Canada:-

“The whole concept of prison should be terminated, except for violent criminals and chronic non-violent recidivists, and replaced by closely supervised pro bono or subsistence-paid work by bonded convicts in the fields of their specialty. Swindlers and embezzlers, hackers and sleazy telemarketers are capable people and they should serve their sentences by contributing honest work to government-insured employers.”

As Blogger The Woodshed comments:-

“One of the advantages of being a conservative seems to be a willingness to engage in the most shameless of behaviours without the faintest scintilla of embarrassment or self-consciousness. Imagine my amazement, Conrad “the sweetheart of cell block C” Black now thinks prisons are terrible places and that people convicted of fraud should not be incarcerated. How very, very convenient. I betcha Ted Bundy was opposed to capital punishment, too.”

Reading of Conrad led me to think of his wife Barbara Amiel. She used to write long super-rightwing diatribes in the Telegraph – presumably no editor dared try to shorten the proprietor’s wife’s work – but she sure can write. One of her latest pieces ostensibly defends the Duchess of York (Fergie) from criticisms about her having accepted cash from the Fake Sheikh. Barbara’s defence of Fergie seems to hinge on the ideas that the Duchess was drunk at the time and that both Rupert Murdoch and the Queen are mean to her. Barbara ends her article by referring to Fergie’s:-
“self-described friend countess de Lesseps of The Real Housewives of New York City (pure Connecticut Eurotrash)”

This Countess appears in OK magazine where she offers advice in the world of the celebs. About Fergie she is in full agreement with  Barbara. The Queen should bail out the Duchess.

“I think Prince Andrew doesn’t make a lot of money and the Queen should loosen up her purse strings. She took care of Princess Diana, so why is she not taking care of Fergie?”

It’s a whole other world.

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