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Big Fish or JAWS

June 11, 2010

“Professor Eileen Munro is a big fish poised to plunge into the Tory tank”, so said C0mmunity Care in April. Well, now it’s the Coalition tank but Eileen is still there and her review of child protection in England has now been announced. The fullest report of the review of appears in eGov Monitor. Even  that is rather short on detail and does not tell us how the review is to be conducted or who may assist Professor Munro; “Professor Munro has identified a small number of experts to act as a reference group to support the review and will talk to people working in the voluntary and statutory sector on specific issues. The full reference group list will follow in due course.”

Professor Eileen was not a member of the Social Work Taskforce which reported last year and it is very unclear at present what links and overlaps there may be between these two reviews of social work practice. Eileen’s brief is specifically child protection work. The Taskforce’s brief was the whole of social work but it was very much skewed towards child protection having been initiated following the Baby P tragedy. Let us hope that Taskforce member Professor Sue White’s comment; “The system keeps limping along – its feet bearing the self-inflicted gunshot wounds of trigger-happy policymakers. These are sometimes of the elected variety, but of infinitely more concern, in my view, are the unelected, charged with making policy by Friday.” does not prove perceptive.

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