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Coalition Agreement

May 17, 2010

The coalition agreement between the Conservatives and the LibDems (the blue and yellow Tories) contains some good things. It is very welcome to see they are committed to ending the detention of children in immigration Detention Centres (see previous postings). Also good to see is the committment to scrapping Contact Point and its big ugly brother the National Identity Register and ID cards. No mention however of the  other ugly siblings, CAF, eCAF, National Pupil Database and MIAP, Connexions and  ICS but with some change planned about the current arrangement of retaining innocent persons DNA forever just in case it turns out to be handy. Stopping the nasty business of taking the fingerprints of school children is also to be welcomed. Much more about all this on the ARCH blog, in their excellent Privacy Guide for Parents and on the Erasing David website. Midst all this change I wonder what will happen to the hugely expensive Every Child Matters “agenda”?

Much will depend on whether the coalition holds together and holds to the agreement and whether Labour, in opposition, will be able to frustrate the dismantling of their carefully constructed network of surveillance and control agencies and mechanisms.


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