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More Fun in the Playground

May 11, 2010

Possibly John Crace has been reading my playground series. Anyway I thought it time to update you about goings on among the children of the playground. We left them towards the end of term knowing a lot of their friends would not be coming back this year, many of them because of misbehaviour.

Lessons have not started just yet. Teacher is in the doorway, looking out on the playground with the bell in her hand ready to ring it. The boys and girls are milling around as usual. Big Dave and Big Gordo are there trying to reassemble their gangs who have got a bit uppity over the break. A girl called Nicola who used to be quite plain and shy has suddenly grown up over the hols and is now the prettiest and cutest girl Dave and Gordo have ever seen. They are each desperate to have her in their gang. But Nicola is a flirt and has a small gang of her own.

She first batts her eyelashes at Dave till he thinks he is her choice, then she hints she might join Gordo’s gang but only if a much better looking boy than Gordo is the leader. To the whole playground’s surprise Gordo agrees. Dave and his gang, suddenly afraid they are loosing Nicola, start to promise her everything, “anything you want Nicola – just ask and you can AV it”.

Ali from Gordo’s gang and Adam from Dave’s get into a fight and have to be separated and sent off to cool down.

Even some old boys are leaning over the school wall and making snide comments. How will it all end?  Will Nicola join Dave or Gordo? Who will replace Gordo? Who will be smiling and who in tears? Will they have sorted themselves out before Teacher rings the bell for assembly?

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