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Social Worker MP?

May 5, 2010

I have commented previously about MPs claiming to be high powered social workers merely because they have pressed the flesh in their constituencies. In the current election there are some real social workers seeking to become MPs.

Community Care say there are six former social workers, including four serving MPs including Olympics minister Tessa Jowell (estranged spouse of David Mills) – standing for Labour in the election, while the Liberal Democrats have seven. Apparently there are no social workers among the ranks of conservative PPCs.

With a quick bit of Googling I discovered the following social worker PPCs.

Ann Haigh, (LibDem) Independent Social Worker and Guardian stands in Epping Forest

Philip Hutty (LibDem) Independent Reviewing Officer stands in Central Devon

Jacquie Bell (LibDem) a social worker at a hospital for older people stands in Stockton South

Ann Coffey (Labour) who was a Social Worker Team Leader with for fostering and adoption before becoming an MP in 1992 stands in Stockport

Anybody wanting to add details of others please use the comment section.

Not that I’m partial or anything but here is a guide to voting (shamelessly stolen from Craig Murray)

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