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Good Sense About Social Work

April 7, 2010

Here is an antidote to the journalistic nonsense about social work quoted in my previous post

In 1970, there were 32 violent deaths per million children in England and Wales. Today the figure is 17 deaths per million. This is 17 deaths too many, but it will happen again. What we can do is hold the frequency of such tragic events at the current low rate by doing the basic things well.

Having continuity of resilient, experienced social workers – supported through consistent supervision – is the best safeguard for keeping vulnerable children safe.

No amount of procedural guidance nor performance and compliance monitoring, even when done sensibly and proportionately, can substitute for competent, confident practitioners (and here I include police officers and health visitors) being given the time, space and authority to exercise sound professional judgment.

Writes Peter Gilroy on the Joe Public Blog. Go read it. Peter Gilroy is an experienced social worker and a leading social work manager. His brief article is solid, concentrated good sense. If only the churners out of never ending impenetrable junk from central government would just STOP and hear what he says.

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