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Each jealous ranting yelper …

April 7, 2010

A pretty familiar rant on 15th March about the evils of social work by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in that well-known organ of balance and accuracy the MailOnline includes the following:-

And it’s why I believe with increasing passion that the social workers’ over-riding ethos that families must be kept together at all costs is disastrously wrong. What is needed is a proactive policy that children from such dysfunctional families must be taken from their dangerous and inadequate parents and placed in loving homes. Of course, there will have to be careful checks and balances. But we can’t go on like this.

An alarming number of child protectors are like the three monkeys which try hard not to see, hear and speak truths – especially when dealing with families from disadvantaged classes or races. They lean over backwards to be fair to them.

I suppose at least it is a change from the equally common journalistic rants accusing social workers of snatching children from the hearts of their loving families. As in this 4th March report by, surprise, surprise  – a Daily Mail Reporter

The pair, who gave themselves the pseudonyms Jim and Carissa Smith to protect their identities, moved to Spain after Carissa fell pregnant to prevent their unborn child being seized by social workers. … Mr Yeo used parliamentary privilege in November to accuse Suffolk County Council of  ‘actively seeking opportunities to remove babies from their mothers’. He described how social workers began monitoring Carissa and Jim after the birth of their daughter, referred to as Poppy, in August 2008. They waited until Jim was out at work one day 11 weeks later to swoop on the couple’s home with police and ‘snatch the baby from the arms of her mother’.

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