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Rights, Wrongs and Drivel

March 24, 2010

I take some interest in children’s rights (and in those of grown up children) which is why I came to read the Easy Read Guide to the Green Paper called “Rights and Responsibilities: developing our constitutional framework”. It is good that government publishes information in forms which are accessible to people with learning and comprehending difficulties. However, at the end of the easy read guide it gives explanations of “difficult” words. Here is one explanation:-

Parliament is the group of ministers at the centre of the government who make the country’s laws.

Here is another:-

Responsibilities are the things you should be do if you live in this country.

So much for the Easy Read Guide. There is also the Young Peoples Guide to the Green Paper, in the introduction to which the Rt Hon Michael Wills MP, Minister of State  writes:-

“… In the UK, Parliament is elected by the people. This gives it the power to make laws and make sure they are kept. Without laws there would be chaos and confusion and the powerful would become more powerful and the people who need the most help would be the worst off.”

I would like to propose a Right which would guarantee that children, young people and people with learning difficulties would not have utter drivel like the above examples inflicted upon them and a general prohibition on public money being used for the publication of such nonsense.

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