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Good or Bad??

March 5, 2010

The much criticised Legal Services Commission is to be replaced by an executive agency (i.e. the Ministry of Justice) “before the election” (3rd June – my bet). The CEO of the LSC, Carolyn Regan, has resigned “with immediate effect”.

Is this a good or a bad thing? Will the change mean that Legal Aid may be extended beyond being available only to the very very poor and the mega criminal? Will it mean the end of millions being wasted on paying super rich silks to defend super rich fraudsters? Will the system be reforned so that people of average resources can obtain justice without ruining themselves financially? OR will it mean a return to 18th centuary style justice?

Will it mean any change in the interminable consultation and very unsatisfactory LSC proposals for funding expert evidence in the family courts – especially expert social work evidence?

Highest Paid Barristers – Criminal Defence Service (year ending 31 March 2008)
Charles N Salmon QC £1,058,000. Howard A Godfrey QC £ 988,000. David R B Whitehouse QC £ 959,000. Charles J W Benson £ 835,000. Kieran P Vaughan £ 799,000. Anthony R Barraclough £ 768,000. Lewis N Power £ 703,000. Vincent W Coughlin QC £ 688,000. Michael I Wolkind QC £ 687,000. Abbas Lakha QC £ 647,000

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