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Topsy Turvy

March 3, 2010

Bullying help-line boss Christine Pratt said she’d heard from people bullied in No.10 and promptly got smeared and bullied by a whole bunch of New Labour apparatchiks and is finally accused of being a bully herself. Sorted!

Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer  writes:- ‘Sir Gus [O’Donnell] cannot call the prime minister a liar. I was impressed by the elegance with which the cabinet secretary finessed his way through a situation which was delicate for him. He told the committee: “I talked to him about how to get the best out of your staff.” When next you have to deal with a child in a tantrum throwing things out of its pram, the answer is to talk to him about how to get the best out of his toys.’ A masterly demonstration of using the techniques described in Yes Minister.

In the Binyam Mohamed case there was an attempt to have the parts of the court’s judgement most embarrassing to government suppressed and when that failed Cabinet Ministers rushed out to tell the press that the Judges didn’t know what they are talking about. (Incidentally in this case I do wonder how much a top QC gets paid for failing to pervert the course of justice?).

The banksters who have brought Britain to financial ruin and conned the government into rescuing them with public funds, now have to be given obscene sized bonuses for fear that otherwise they might leave and ply their fraudulent trade in Switzerland or Singapore. (Couldn’t we just pay their first class but one-way fares out?).

Need I mention MPs expenses, Lords expenses, second home flipping, questions for cash, peerages for cash, BAE bribery, the dodgy dossier, war crimes, extraordinary rendition – the list goes on and on.

Nearer at home in the world of social work despite overwhelming evidence that Cafcass is failing the children it was so expensively set up to protect the CEO, Anthony Douglas does the rounds of the media outlets saying all is just fine and dandy on board the good ship Cafcass – ‘crisis – what crisis?’ is the gist of his remarks.

As a social worker I spend a goodly part of my time talking with poor people in difficulties in their lives and who are often disparaged if not openly despised and insulted as “chavs” or the “underclass” or the detritus of a “broken society”. Let me tell you that most of those people I meet are much more honourable, reliable, truthful, honest and indeed likeable than our lords and masters as exampled above. The world has tipped upside down.

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