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The Cruelest Month

February 1, 2010

is January as everybody, except T S Elliot, knows . At least it has seemed to be so this January with the Christmas excess shortly followed by the snow and ice which I seem to have been at the very epicenter of. Fell over twice and sorely bruised. Trees falling down under weight of snow including one falling onto Brick’s modest home in the middle of the night with an tremendous crash.  And, as we were constantly and annoyingly reminded in by that irritating and inaccurate phrase; “tax need not be taxing”, the Self Assessment maze of forms had to be completed by the end of this vile month. These anyway are my excuses for not being as assiduous as usual in keeping up the blog.

There have been lighter notes midst the gloom.

That well known wit, Harriett Harman  coined a new word wellderly: “We have to understand that we now have a new cohort of well, active, healthy older people.  The role that they play in their families, in the economy and in society must be recognised and responded to.  We must recognise the emergence of the “wellderly”. Chicken Yoghurt and his commenters have had a lot of fun with this. I particularly liked this from jamie; “We now have a cohort of older, active people who drink all night and smoke like crazy. We must recognise the emergence of the whatthehellderly.”

Then there was the picture on facebook of a toddler with a cigarette (unlit) in his mouth which caused Southend Council and Essex police to drop everything else in order to “advise” the young mother responsible. This is a new top priority category for social workers. If it’s in The Sun you must visit immediately and report back to The Sun otherwise you will probably be summarily sacked by Mr Balls who will announce your dismissal in The Sun.

And there is the continuing comedy at Cafcass. In this dcreary month Cafcass has been publicly excoriated by Ofsted, by Napo and by Nagalro. No wonder Takki Sulaiman their head of communications is leaving but look at these two different reports (one, two) on following days in the East London Advertiser. Onwards and upwards for Mr Sulaiman from Haringey to Cafcass where he said “We are unusual in that we work directly with service users. This gives us a unique opportunity to influence the social care agenda for children and families on a national level. As an organisation, we’re able to embrace new ideas and suggestions and this makes Cafcass an exciting place to work”. Well, I guess the excitement palled because he’s off to Tower Hamlets. One doesn’t know whether better to wish good luck to Takki or to Tower Hamlets – so, good luck to both in their union.

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