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Misgivings: MISGIVINGS!

December 10, 2009

“The US president is in Oslo to receive an award that many thought premature. Misgivings have increased since he announced a troop surge in Afghanistan. Follow updates from his visit here throughout the day”. That’s from the Guardian’s News Blog by Mark Tran.

Misgivings! I ask you. I can think of a great many words to describe the decision to award the Nobel Peace prize on the basis merely of a candidate’s promises and many more to describe the incredible hypocrisy of Barack Obama accepting it just after having decided to send yet another wave of US troops to Afghanistan to kill even more Afghans but, the word misgivings would very certainly not be among them.

War creates peace, says Obama and that he has only just started on his labours in the world. Well, looks like we’ll be damn lucky if there are any of us left by the time he has finished – perhaps that is what he means by peace.

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  1. February 11, 2010 2:05 am

    I can’t understand why so many people are so critical of Obama. Bush was in office for 8 years and his father before that was in for how long?
    The Bush’s did enough to mess up this world for several life times, where is the criticism?
    Obama has been in office just over a year, give him a chance, the same chance you gave to the Bush’s.
    People are putting out a lot of negative rhetoric to sway people’s minds in to believing that Obama is the enemy. To some, just the color of his skin makes him the enemy. To some, just him saying that America should stop supporting the wealthy makes him the enemy.
    Hey, he’s our president and instead of clubbing him every chance people get, send positive energy his way. Together we all can win but seperated and be cynical and critical isn’t getting anyone anywhere. There is a place and a time to be critical, now is not the time.
    Don’t forget, Obama didn’t start the war!! He might’ve been a little to ambitious saying when he would have the troops out, but I guess after looking at the situation that had been created by past governments he found out that it would be impossible to achieve his presidential intentions. Let’s not take our focus off of what is truely happening, our world is changing because of the greed of oil and posession of land and position; is that Obama’s fault?
    Let’s try to support our president and send positive energy his way that he can make a change. For those of you who pray, pray fervently that Obama and his family will have the strength, insight, courage and motivation it takes to do the absolute best job that he has with in the power of his soul.
    I pray that God will protecgt us all, from each other!

  2. February 11, 2010 2:24 am

    Social Work is a fabulous opportunity if your heart is in the right place. Hard work, long hours, tears of seeing children mistreated and sometimes killed, seeing parents go through the system without any real help, seeing children age out of the system in the same cycle that their parents were in. What are we to do?
    We’re to do the very best we can do. We’re to reach as far and as high as we can in order if not to keep a family together make it so that the can reunite if at all possi ble.
    Social Work is not for the ill minded person that looks at life in black and white nor is for the meek in heart; this is a war we’re in. There is only one Messiah, but we all can follow some very important rules when going out to these homes, like love of life, love of wanting to see family reunite, love of protecting the innocent children.
    Social Work is not a “fun” job, it’s a very serious job, we’re dealing with lives that for the most part are trusting us to do the very best job.
    For the Social Worker that is intent on detaining a child, STOP. Detain only for the safety of the child(ren). Don’t detain because of personal issues, it’s just not a fair or right thing to do.
    We might be the only one somebody that is right in this child’s life at the time, let us show love, respect and the genuine intent to help these famiies.
    In Social Work, there is no room for personal agenda’s, racial or socioeconomic prejudice or whatever else might make one indifferent to the needs of our families. If you have any of the above things going on, you’re in the wrong field – GET OUT!
    To the Social Workers that absoultely love what they do in helping our famiies, “GOOD JOB” With the applause of a good job comes a heart felt THANK YOU.

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