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An Army Sent to Catch a Wraith

December 1, 2009

Gordon Brown is an intelligent and very well informed man who will know very well that there is a significant body of informed opinion that believes Osama bin Laden to be dead. Indeed, many believe him to have died in December 2001, just months after the Twin Towers atrocity. Even if he did not die then, given the poor state of his health, in particular kidney failure and need for regular dialysis it seems unlikely that he has been able to survive in hiding in the remote and desolate region of north west Pakistan. Even our own Daily Mail questions his continued existence. So why does Gordon Brown state as a fact that Osama is still on this planet and how does he have the gall to accuse Pakistan of having failed to capture this ghost when the might of the USA and Britain combined has failed to do so?

Presumably the answer is that Gordon knows very well that Osama is probably dead but thinks the British public so ignorant that they won’t realise this and considers that they need a bogey man figure to frighten them into supporting, continuing and possibly extending the colonial wars in the middle east.

Is OBL Gordon’s WMD?

STOP PRESS – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani says Osama is not in Pakistan. So he, Gordon and I are all in total agreement: Osama is ON THE OTHER SIDE!

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