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CAFCASS and the Paper Children

November 27, 2009

I really didn’t want to do another post about the pathetic disaster which is Cafcass but Radio 4 PM on Wednesday (listen within the next 5 days) did a piece about the “paper children” meaning those children Cafcass are responsible for representing but do not actually meet and talk with but nevertheless go to court hearings about. To do just what? – one might ask. One of Cafcass’s ten (and I thought they said they were reducing their numbers) members of the “Corporate Management Team“,  Christine Banim stepped up to the plate to try to ascert that Cafcass is “safer than ever”. Presumably that is the view Cafcass holds in its own little panglossian world because virtually everybody else thinks it has never been worse and needs to be put out of its misery. Christine is an “Operational Director and Chair of Modernisation and Efficeincy Board” – yup, that is how she spells efficiency on the Cafcass web site. Check it now before somebody in Cafcass reads this and corrects the spelling.

Update – somebody read and did the editing – glad to have been a help!

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