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Not Just Any Law Firm

November 25, 2009

Indeed not, Mischon de Reya are a different sort of law firm they do important social research – or do they?

The BBC reported that research carried out by law firm Mishcon de Reya among 2,000 divorcees and a similar number of children who had experienced divorce revealed that; “Two thirds (68%) admitted indiscriminately using their children as “bargaining tools” when they separated and “A staggering 20% of separated parents admitted that they had actively set out to make their partners experience ‘as unpleasant as possible’ regardless of the effect this had on their children’s feelings.”

Pink Tape wondered what sort of research could produce these results. Would 2 out of 10 divorcees reply “Yes” to the question “Did you set out to actively make your partner’s experience as unpleasant as possible regardless of your children’s feelings”? Seem unlikely; so Pink Tape asked Mishcon de Reya for a copy of the actual research report. She was refused. Hang on, what’s that – specialist family barrister refused a copy of a serious research report which it is claimed to show highly important new information about parents and children going through divorce – how can that be? Sean of MdR told Pink Tape; The press release is the best place to find the information following the research carried out.’ He added: ‘Unfortunately I’m unable to share the research as it contains information we may wish to release in the future.’

The press release is in fact quite revealing. In footnotes to the MdR “policy briefing paper” it is stated that the research in question was carried out by independent research house, OnePoll. On looking up OnePoll one discovers they are an online market research company and have been responsible for such ground breaking discoveries as:

People who live in Bristol were yesterday (mon) named and shamed as the most unhygienic in Britain.” and “The average British family argues for the equivalent of nearly FOUR DAYS A YEAR – with mum sparking most of the bust-ups, according to new research.”

Those SUN headline style research results from OnePoll seems rather to put the MdR research into context. But it is worrying if, as Pink Tape reports, that Judges are taking this so far unpublished and un-reviewed research seriously – especially if you happen to be an argumentative couple from Bristol trying to get a divorce.

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