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UN Rights of the Child Convention 20th anniversary – The Right to be Tasered

November 20, 2009

I thought I’d mark the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child by gathering together some news of boundary setting sanctions being applied in a loving and character forming way to children today.

In Miami a six year old was tasered for waving a piece of glass around and a 12 year old girl was tasered for being drunk. In Jonesboro a school resource officer tasered an eleven year old boy (twice) to stop a fight between him and a girl. In Ozark a police officer tasered a ten year old girl who wouldn’t take a shower. A spokesman for Taser says that tasering can be safer than the alternatives such as “fists, kicks, baton strikes, bean bag guns, chemical agents, or canine response.” So, the two teens who died from Tasering in Michigan must have been just unfortunate exceptions.

See kids – the Taser is the kind and caring alternative.  As Anorak says “Spare the Taser, spoil the child. If you don’t Taser them they grow up to be, well, coppers…”. And if you thought only American children benefit from the right to be tasered then check out the British policy .

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