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Bonfire of the Peaked Caps

November 11, 2009

Ofsted loose the files, GSCC loose their CEO and get put on special measures and Cafcass have gone into emergency only mode. Everything we had come to rely upon is crumbling. Never again will Ofsted be able to terrify social workers over not have recorded every last detail of every boring telephone conversation. Never again with the GSCC Codes of Practice seem so threatening in the light of the total mess the GSCC have got themselves into. Cafcass cannot even comply with court orders to appoint named guardians for vulnerable children so no longer can they lord it over simple social workers without someone muttering something about pots and kettles.

No, seriously folks what is going on? Next thing you know policemen will start shooting their colleagues instead of MOPs (pay attention, that’s not a typo for MP it means Member Of the Public). But, talking of MPs, here’s one who has promised to pay back everything. Oh no, he’s not one of ours. Then there is the deluded banker (see previous post) who thinks he’s doing Gods work.

My whole world is crumbling around me. Everything I took to be certain and solid is shimmering like a mirage. I no longer know where to go to be patronisedĀ  by some some jumped up know-it-all jobs-worth. Where have all the peaked cappers gone?

I need a drink but damn, no corkscrew. Whats that you say Trench Warfare, I don’t need one? Oh, I see:

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