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Bankers, Bonuses, Bank Charges, Benefits and God

November 10, 2009

I read an interesting item about bankers and their bonuses. It seems that banker’s huge bonuses are a sign that the workers have taken over the factory. Those bonus grabbing bankers are after all employees and if they get bonuses even in years when their banks are making losses then it seems it is they, and not the owners of the banks – the shareholders  – who are in control of the business. But the money for the salaries, bonuses and dividends all comes from the customers be they bank account holders, savers, borrowers, investors or traders. Some of the income of the banks comes form the totally disproportionate and unfair charges levied on bank account holders who go over their limit and into “unauthorised” overdraft territory. Many of those finding these charges of between £25 and £35 a go taken from their accounts will be benefit claimants or those in financial difficulties.

However, I should not be angry or feel any of this is unfair or exploitative because what you or I might think of as ordinary people including the most needy being ripped off by a bunch of ruthless, greedy, unscrupulous and totally amoral con artists is in fact the work of God and a good thing. Or so Lloyd Blankfein the head of Goldman Sachs tells us and he must be right because he is a banker and rich as Croesus.

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