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Social Work Blogs – A Taxonomy

November 6, 2009

From my observations in the blogosphere it seems to me that Social Work blogs fall into a number of distinct species.

Student SW blog. Usually from the USA where perhaps sw students are encouraged to blog. Active in term times, inactive in vacations, dies on completing course.  Example: Five Seconds To Spare.

Social Worker blogging about almost everything. Example Sarah Tells It Like It Is. Fun – check out the forked eyeballs.

Social Worker blogging about personal life. Example Social Worker Mum. (Quite a lot of God in USA social work)

Social Worker blogging about daily work.

Sub-Type A: blogs about what the clients do: Example: The Masked AMHP. Almost like online case-notes but with identities removed.

Sub-Type B: blogs about what practitioners do: Example: Antisocial Social Worker. Who’s quote “I love humanity; it’s people I can’t stand.” gives a flavour of this species of blog.

Social Worker trying to help social workers. Example: Social Work – Another Way But, do we need help?

Non social worker blogging about social work issues. Too many politicians, agony aunts and journos who think they can do it better to mention.

Grumpy old social worker blogging own prejudices sensible opinions: Example op cit

Would readers please report any observations or sightings of other species of this creature.

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