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More Tales from the Playground

November 2, 2009

In the last episode we had left Ed frustrated at being deserted by Rupert and spotting Deirdre alone in the playground just as he was looking for somebody to take his anger out on. But, in another part of the playground there was another angry big boy. It was Alan and he was very cross indeed because he had heard that one of his gang members, Nutt nicknamed “The Prof”, had been saying things behind his back. “No I didn’t” said The Prof. “Oh yes you did”, said Alan. “Oh no I did not”, said The Prof. “Yes you did” shouted Alan and all the noisy little children ran around shouting “fight… fight… fight”.

Alan just managed to stop himself from punching The Prof. He told him to get out of his gang and never, never come back. The Prof ran off to see the noisy children saying “unfair – Alan’s a bully – unfair”. Some of the other smaller members of the gang joined in with The Prof. Alan was very, very angry and started chewing his nails. This helped him to think (a tip from Gordon). He chewed and he thought about what to do to The Prof and who to get to replace him. He needed somebody loyal, who would only speak when told to and would always say the right things.

But who, who? Then he spotted the answer. He forced a smile to his lips.

“Hello Deirdre” he said.

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