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A Lawless State

October 23, 2009

Allegations about a “lawless state” where child protection social workers “make it up as they go along” are mentioned in Community Care in their article about the GSCC disciplining of social worker Paul Collett. Frustratingly Community Care go on to hide the identity of the lawless state behind the pseudonym of “Locality A” on the very questionable basis that that  it is necessary to do so in order to protect the children’s identity. On that basis Baby Peter and  Victoria Climbié both died in Locality H, and some years ago there was a huge child sex abuse scandal in Locality C.

There are some curious differences between the Community Care report and the GSCC press release. The GSCC press release (or as they like to put it – media release) does not say anything about a lawless state or social workers making it up but refers instead to Mr Collet having faced “unique difficulties working at the department” and declines to name the department  “to protect the identities of the service users”. Community Care mentions that in deciding only to admonish Mr Collett the committee took into account the evidence of the mother of a child Mr Collett had been trying to protect. She gave a “glowing” account of him and called him a “wonderful person”.  The GSCC media release mentions none of that.

You would have thought that the GSCC with its brief for “… setting standards of conduct and practice for social care workers and their employers …” might have wanted to do something about “lawless” Locality A where it seems the social workers roam wild and free. But we are not even told where it is let alone whether action has been taken – so much for transparency.

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  1. October 24, 2009 9:24 am

    The GSCC are always rather lacking transparency. Indeed they are rather chameleon like according to the prevailing winds of what makes them look best – nothing to do with upholding standards or promoting social work.

    They are self serving, simple minded and incompetent. However, not for much longer me thinks – hello social work college!

    It is good to see BASW at last fighting back against the likes of Balls . Perhaps NAGALRO need to do so also.

    Wilt 🙂

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