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Tales From the Playground

October 10, 2009

The biggest, toughest boy in the school is Rupert.  Gordon and Ed were very glad he was on their side. But Rupert was angry and he kept shouting that someone must be punished and thrown out of the playground. Ed didn’t want the little children to think he just did whatever Rupert told him so he told Christine to write a note saying he should do the thing Rupert wanted him to do. Ed called the noisy children round him in the playground, read out Christine’s note and said it had been decided to punish Sharon and kick her out of the playground. They all cheered and chased Sharon away. Some of the noisy children even followed her to her home calling her names and throwing things.

Ed was  happy, Gordon was happy and even Rupert looked a bit pleased. Only Sharon was sad so that was alright. Earlier on Ed had done Rupert another favor by letting Rupert’s friend Deirdre join his gang. Some of the smaller children had said rude things about Deirdre but Ed had given them a very nasty look which made them shut up. Then Gordon and Ed had a big meeting to get all the kids in the playground on their side. But, the meeting had hardly started before big Rupert told everybody he was not friends with Gordon and Ed anymore; he had made friends with a new lot of children in a gang led by posh Dave.

This made Ed very angry. He ground his teeth and scowled at everybody. He felt like hitting someone but couldn’t find anybody small enough. To make things even worse he had spotted Sharon coming back to school with her parents and going in to see the Head Teacher.  This made Ed even more frustrated that there was nobody he could take it out on. Then, as he looked across the playground he saw that when Rupert had gone off to be friends with posh Dave he had left somebody behind. A cruel smile flickered across Ed’s face;

“Hello Deirdre” he said.

To be continued ……….


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