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CAFCASS Part 2 – Weak Beer

September 28, 2009

Not only are Cafcass, under pressure and needing flexibility, abandoning their flexible workforce but getting rid of a swath managers as well. CEO Anthony Douglas announces from his Great Smith Street HQ – that some £3.8m worth of management posts are being deleted in order to balance the budget.Douglas_385x185_564513a

To deal with the huge backlog of cases which have built up Cafcass plan to offer only a “minimum” or “duty” service to children involved in court proceedings at least until the end of March 2010.  This will lead to questioning whether Cafcass is in fact needed.

I have some advice for Cafcass (and other social services under pressure) – learn from the tale of the Foolish Inn-Keeper and

don’t water the beer.

There was once a jolly inn-keeper who served excellent flavorsome, good strong beer.  He had loyal customers who appreciated and praised his beer and his inn. After several years of steady custom suddenly lots of extra customers started to come to his inn. He asked the brewer to send two barrels a week instead of the usual one but the brewer refused. What was our jolly inn-keeper to do? He could have served his excellent beer on a first come first served basis and when it ran out apologise and suggest his disappointed customers complain to the brewer but he decided on a different plan. He started to water down the beer so that all his customers got served and nobody went away with nothing.  Oh foolish inn-keeper; oh what a mistake. Instead of having some contented and some disappointed customers now all his customers were unhappy and what is more they blamed him, not the brewer. The inn-keeper soon had no customers, a ruined reputation and he had to close his inn.

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