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The elusive actualite

September 26, 2009

One day in the late 1980’s I found myself in consultation with the then Patricia Scotland in a grubby magistrates court set between the by-pass and the shopping precinct of a very unprepossessing town. She was charming and proved to be a very good advocate, if a little haughty, and we succeeded in our application.

Twenty years or so later and she is a member of the House of Lords as Baroness Scotland of Asthal.PC,QC; and Attorney General in HM Government. I plod on, a humble social worker hiding my light beneath a bushel (or rather behind a wall).

But now she’s in trouble for having employed as a housekeeper in her (reported £2m) home an illegal immigrant for which she has been fined £5000. What’s more now she has been robbed as well.

As Michael White notes Mrs Loloahi Tapui-Zivancevic’s husband is a lawyer, as is Baroness Scotland’s husband and the only person sacked (so far) is the non-lawyer. He thinks she sould have a second chance. However, it seems the Tongan housekeeper has been talking to Max Clifford and may be about to say the Baroness has been a tad economical with the actualite as Alan Clark would have put it.

Myself, I hope Baroness Scotland retains her position because I believe she’s one of the good guys and because the alternative is quite possibly Vera.

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