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Hash, Smack, Ice, Blow, Acid, Speed, Base ………

September 9, 2009

Simon Jenkins has writtem a very persuasive piece arguing that drugs should be regulated rather than prohibited. That what is needed is regulation and treatment, not prohibition and punishment. He argues that  the war on drugs policy introduced by Richard Nixon is stupid and is the cause rather than the cure to many of the most damaging effects of drug usage.

“The trade in drugs is a direct result of their unregulated availability on the streets of Europe and America. Making supply illegal is worse than pointless. It oils a black market, drives trade underground, cross-subsidises other crime and leaves consumers at the mercy of poisons. It is the politics of stupid.” Simon Jenkins: Guardian: 3 Sept 2009

If Simon Jenkins is right, and he is not alone, then not only addicts but also their struggling social workers are victims of the same wrong headed policies which is perhaps illustrated by this touching post from Eyes Opened Wider.

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