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Too Much or Too Little ….

August 21, 2009

Social workers are often criticised for doing too little. Too little was done to protect Baby P and he died. In reaction to that tragedy social work authorities have done more in terms of increasing the numbers of care applications they make to to the courts thus swamping CAFCASS.

On the issue of domestic violence social workers are accused of doing too much, or so says John Hemming MP about the case of Angela Wileman. It is claimed that fifteen female victims of domestivc violence have, on John Hemming’s advice, fled England so as to prevent their children being put into care. If that is true then something is certainly going very badly wrong. Either the authorities proposed action was very heavy handed and disproportunate to the risks involved OR the powers they have to prevent seriously endangered children leaving the country proved ineffective.

Either way, it looks like a fresh scandal of the doing too much variety is blowing up.

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  1. August 21, 2009 7:11 pm

    It is about the wrong sort of intervention. The number of 15 relates to the number of families I know of that have gone abroad to escape the family courts. There are probably many more, but they were not all DV issues.

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