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July 13, 2009

The following 14 acronyms appear in one social work management document issued to staff. I recognise 3 or 4 of them and can make a guess at some others but about half fox me. I recognise the first 3 letters of the first one but those stand for a rather rude phrase. I am not sure whether adding an H on the end means it is made ruder or less rude or just that the author is unaware of the usual meaning of WTF. Anyway, WTF.

  1. WTFH
  2. CMC
  3. FCA
  4. ILA
  5. KLPD
  6. SEF
  7. Q4C
  8. SIM
  9. FGC
  10. LSCB
  11. HMCS
  12. LEAN
  13. CAADA
  14. ECM
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